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In a weather like we are having lately, a jacket is the key element for outfits. Our Padding Quilting Jacket with Pocket Details in Black will be your savior with its comfy and relaxed design. On the top of its comfort, it is also stylish and trendy. Suitable for a wide range of stylings. Here are some beautiful styling inspirations…


Bring Out The Leather Tights

This jacket has a perfect harmony with leather tights as you can see below. They bring out a casual-chic combination together. Finishing the look with an animal printed blouse is the cherry on top!


The Power of Colour Black

If you want a sporty and cool look, this styling is what you are looking for. The black lace-up boots add in the sporty air into the outfit, the black oversized t-shirt dress carries that into another level. Lastly, our padding jacket is the ultimate component of this look, adding the final touch because of its both comfy and trendy design.


All Day Long Comfort 

If you say, ‘I prioritize my comfort but don’t also want to concede elegance’, then this hear us out! This look is perfect for a busy day. A basic white and black tights sweater won’t ever disappoint you when it comes to an effortless/trendy look. And, classic white trainers are the definition of comfort. Combine all together, and you have the ultimate sporty & chic look.



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